Configuring the Google Docs Add-On

Before you can start using the Google Docs Add-On for Cloudpress, you will need to configure it to allow it to communicate with the Cloudpress website. This process consists of obtaining your Personal Access Token from Cloudpress and configuring it in the Add-On.

Be sure to install the Google Docs Add-on before you can configure it.

Copy your Personal Access Token

Your Personal Access Token is a security mechanism that will allow the Google Docs Add-On to communicate with the Cloudpress website on your behalf. Open your User Profile by selecting the menu item in the top-right of the Cloudpress Dashboard.

When the User Profile page opens, click on the Personal Access Token tab. Your Personal Access Token will be displayed on screen, and you can copy it to the clipboard by clicking on the copy icon to the right of it.

Configure the Google Docs Add-On

The next step is to configure the Google Docs Add-On with the Personal Access Token you have just copied.

Open any Google Document and click on the Cloudpress Add-On in the side panel

This will open the Cloudpress Add-On. If you have not configured the Add-On previously, you will see a message indicating that you will need to configure the Add-On.

Click on the UPDATE SETTINGS button. This will take you to the Cloudpress Settings page where you can paste the Personal Access Token which you previously copied from the Cloudpress website.

When you are done, click on the SAVE button.