Credit usage and buying new credits

Cloudpress uses credits when exporting documents. This document gives you an overview of how Cloudpress uses credits, how you can view your usage, and how to purchase credits.

How credits are used

It simple: each time a document is exported successfully, we deduct 1 credit. We do not deduct credits for exports that fail for whatever reason.

Cloudpress allows you to re-export documents but, please note that each subsequent export will cost you one additional credit.

Purchasing credits

To purchase credits, navigate to the credits tab in your account settings where all available credit packages are listed. Select the package you want to purchase and click on the Buy Now button.

Viewing your usage

Your available credits are always visible at the top of the Cloudpress dashboard.

You can view your usage by going to your account settings and clicking on the Credits tab. Click on View credit usage history.

A list of all your exports and credit purchases are displayed.

For exports, click on the export number to navigate to the export log. For credit purchases, click on the order number to view your receipt.