Installing the Google Docs Add-On

To install the Cloudpress Google Docs Add-On, open Google Docs and click the (+) button in the side panel on the right-hand side.

Search for “Cloudpress” in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Click on the Cloudpress Add-On listing in the search results and then click on the Install button:

You will be prompted by Google whether you want to give Cloudpress access to your account. Cloudpress requires these permissions to read the content of your documents in order to be able to export it.

Review the permissions, then click on the Allow button.

Once the installation is complete, Google Docs will display a notification indicating that the Cloudpress Add-On is available in the side panel. You can activate the Add-On at any time by clicking on the Cloudpress icon in the side panel.

Next, read about configuring the Add-On.