Connect a Notion account


This document will walk you through connecting your Notion account to Cloudpress, allowing Cloudpress to export content from Notion to any of your connected CMS accounts.

Connect your Notion account

Go to the Connections page in Cloudpress, click the Add Connection button and then select Notion from the list.

This will take you to the Connect a Notion account screen:

You will need to authorize Cloudpress to have access to your Notion content. This process requires you to navigate to the Notion website, log in to your account, authorize Cloudpress to access your account, and select the pages and databases that you want to give Cloudpress access to.

To start with this process. click the Authorize Cloudpress button. This will open the Notion website on a popup screen. If you are not logged in to your Notion account, you will be required to do so.

Notion will ask whether you want to give Cloudpress access to your information. If you have access to multiple Notion accounts, select the correct account from the dropdown in the top right corner, then click Select pages to proceed with the authorization process.

Next, you must tell Notion the pages and databases you want Cloudpress to access. Cloudpress will have access to all child pages of the pages and databases that you select. Select the correct pages and databases, then click the Allow access button to proceed.

No support for linked databases

Please note that when you select databases, it is very important to give Cloudpress access to the original database and not a page that merely links to it. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see two pages that reference the same database. The Cloudpress Documentation page contains the original database, but the Linked database page only contains a link to that same database.

In this example, you must give Cloudpress access to the Cloudpress Documentation page. If you only give Cloudpress access to the Linked database page, Cloudpress will not be able to access any pages from that database.