Invite other people to your account

Cloudpress allows you to invite other people to your account. This is useful when you have multiple people who must be able to export documents via Cloudpress.

You can invite other people from the Users section on your Account Settings page. Click on your user profile image in the top-right corner of the Cloudpress Dashboard, select Account Settings, then click on the Users tab. (Take me there)

Click on the button labelled Invite Another User. This will open a user invitation form.

Enter the email address for the person and specify their role in your Cloudpress account.

  • An Administrator can manage all your account settings (except for subscription information), manage linked accounts, as well as export documents.
  • A Publisher can only export documents. They cannot manage any other account related settings.

Once you are done, you can click the Invite User button. This will send an invitation to the email address specified, containing a link that will allow the person to join your Cloudpress account.