Publish a document from Google Drive


The Publish from Google Drive feature of Cloudpress will allow you to browse and publish any documents available on a linked Google Drive account.

This document will walk you through the process of publishing a document from Google Drive.

Publishing a document

To publish a document from Google Drive, select the Publish from Google Drive item from the Cloudpress sidebar menu.

This will display the Publish from Google Drive page:

If you have multiple Google Drive accounts linked, you can select the correct account from the account dropdown on the filter bar. You can also filter by document name by typing part of the name in the Filter by filename textbox.

Once you have changed the account or specified a filename filter, you will need to click the Search button to filter the documents according to that criteria.

To publish a document, click the Publish… dropdown menu next to the name of the file you want to publish. This will display a list of the destinations accounts you have linked.

To publish the document, click on the name of the account you want to publish to.

Depending on the destination account, you may be prompted for extra publication settings before being able to publish the document. Complete the settings as requested before publishing the document.