Publish a document from the Web


Publishing from Google Docs requires you to give Cloudpress access to your Google Drive account. We discuss the reasons for this in more detail in Understanding Google Drive permissons, and also discuss some precautions you can take to protect your Google Account.

However, to some people, this is not an acceptable situation since this means that Cloudpress will have access to all the content on your Google Drive.

For this reason, we also offer the Publish from Web feature, which allows you to publish documents with Cloudpress without having to give Cloudpress access to your Google Drive account.

This document will guide you through the process of using this feature.

Publish a document using Publish from Web

The Publish from Web feature makes use of Google Docs’ Publish to the Web feature. This allows anyone with the link to the published document to view the document.

Since a document published using this feature is available for anyone to read, it means that the document is also available for Cloudpress to download and publish to your Content Management System.

To publish a Google Doc to the web, open the document in the Google Docs editor and then select the File > Publish to the web… item from the menu.

In the Publish to the web dialog, ensure that you have selected the Link tab, then click the Publish button.

Google Docs will ask for confirmation that you want to publish to the web, and will then display the link (or URL) to the published document:

Copy the link and then go to the Cloudpress application. Select the Publish from Web item from the Cloudpress sidebar menu.

Paste the link to the published document that you have just copied from Google Docs and paste it in the supplied field. Select the destination account you want to publish to and then click the Publish button.

Depending on the destination account, you may be prompted for extra publication settings before being able to publish the document. Complete the settings as requested before publishing the document.