Publish with the Google Docs Add-On

To publish content with the Google Docs Add-on, you can open the Publish to Cloudpress sidebar. From the Add-ons menu, select Cloudpress > Publish.

This will open the Publish with Cloudpress sidebar, listing all the linked accounts for your Cloudpress profile.

If you do not have any accounts linked yet, please refer to our Manage Linked Accounts documentation.

To publish to a specific account, click on the Publish button next to the name of the account. The add-on will start the publishing process by uploading the content to the Cloudpress servers.

Once the document is uploaded, Cloudpress will start the publishing process. You will be able to see the progress of the publishing process as it is done.

Once the process is completed, the Add-on will display links that will allow you to quickly open the document in your Content Management System. This will allow you to specify any other meta information for the document.

The exact number and type of links displayed will depend on the Content Management System you published to. For WordPress, for example, you will be able to either edit the post in WordPress or preview it in the browser.

The View publish log link will take you to the Cloudpress website to see a detailed log of the actions that were performed by Cloudpress while publishing the document. If any error occurred while publishing the document, this is a useful tool to try and understand why the error occurred.