Publishing a document

Cloudpress gives you two different ways to publish documents.

Using the Google Docs Add-on

The first way to publish a document is by making use of the Cloudpress Google Docs Add-On.

The add-on is convenient in that it allows you to publish documents without ever leaving the Google Docs editor.

For more information about using the Google Docs Add-On, please refer to the following documentation:

Using the Publish Document page

The second way to publish documents is by making use of the Publish Documents page inside the Cloudpress application.

The Publish Documents page is not quite as convenient as the Add-on since you have to navigate away from the Google Docs user interface.

However, the advantage of the Publish Documents page is that you can publish multiple documents at once. If you have a batch of documents you want to publish, then this might be a quicker way to go about it.

Please refer to the documentation on the Publish Documents page for more information on how to use it.