To export content to your Content Management System (CMS), you must connect your CMS account to Cloudpress. Cloudpress refers to these CMS accounts that you connect as Connections.

When you initially register with Cloudpress, the onboarding process will guide you through connecting these accounts. You can add more connections, or remove existing connections from your Cloudpress account, by going to the Connections page.

Types of connections

In Cloudpress, there are two kinds of connections, namely source connections and destination connections. Source connections are connections from which Cloudpress can export content, for example, Notion.

Destination connections are connections to which Cloudress can export connections. These include the various Content Management Systems that Cloudpress supports, such as WordPress, Webflow, etc.

When selecting the type of account you wish to connect, Cloudpress will indicate whether that type of account is a Source connection or a Destination connection.

Cloudpress also has an indicator below a connection name, indicating whether that connection is a Source connection or a Destination connection.