Using the Publish Documents page

To publish documents using the Publish Documents page, select the Publish Documents item from the Cloudpress navigation sidebar.

On the Publish Documents page, select the account you want to publish to from the dropdown, then click on the Select documents from Google Drive button.

The first time you do this, Google will prompt you whether you want to give Cloudpress permissions to access your account. Cloudpress requires these permissions in order to be able to read the content of the documents you want to publish.

After you have given Cloudpress permission to access your information, a Google Drive picker will be displayed allowing you to select the files you want to publish.

You can select either a single file or multiple files. After you have selected the files, click on the Select button.

Cloudpress will publish the documents and display progress as the documents are being published.

After the documents have been published, you will be able to open the published documents inside your Content Management System by clicking on the links below the name of the document.

The name and number of links displayed to you will differ depending on the type of account you have published the content to.

To view the the publish details and log for any of the documents, click on the View publish log link.