Cloudpress for Content Writers

Learn how using Cloudpress in combination with Google Docs can
improve the productivity of content writers.
Superior writing experience
Google Docs offer a writing experience that is light-years ahead of anything being offered by the most blogging software.
Working with photos is a easy-peasy
Take photos on your phone, upload to Google Photos and insert them into your document with the built-in Google Photos picker.
Write on the go
Write your blog post on the go using the Google Docs application for iOS and Android. If you’re using a computer, the offline editing extension allows you to work when offline.
Research at your fingertips
The Google Docs Explore Tool allows you to quickly find images or external source related to keywords without ever having to leave your document.
Spelling and grammar in the box
Google Docs has a built-in spelling and grammar checker that will highlight any spelling or grammatical error as you are typing.
Rich add-on ecosystem
Give your Google Docs superpowers by installing add-ons that will extend the standard capabilities of Google Docs. The possibilities are endless.
Export to your blog in a jiffy
Export to your blog with the click of a button. Cloudpress will preserve your document’s formatting and upload your images as well.