Export content from Google Docs and Notion to your CMS

Automate the export of perfectly formatted content, so you have more time for doing work that matters

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Reduce the size of your content publishing checklist

With Cloudpress you spend less time copying and fixing your content, and more time on the creative stuff

  • Before Cloudpress

  • Write content
  • Copy content to CMS
  • Fix formatting errors
  • Upload and relink images
  • Create embeds for YouTube videos
  • Upload featured image
  • Set category and author
  • Publish
  • With Cloudpress

  • Write content
  • Click export button
  • more time for running your business and doing creative work

“This past week, Cloudpress reduced our Google Docs to Contentful upload time from 8 hours per week to only 1 hour with perfect formatting. Cloudpress enabled the launch of a campaign in less time than we anticipated and allowed us to launch even more initiatives that we expected to work on later this year. It's freeing us from the tactical so we can focus on the strategic -- ultimately helping us drive more impact with the limited time we have.”

Vanessa Hojda
Senior Content Marketing Manager, Shopify

“For several months we have been looking for a tool to automate the integration of content from our content editor to our CMS. Cloudpress allowed us to go from about 45 minutes per content integration (reintegration of CTAs, images, formatting, content structuring, etc.) to 5 minutes! In addition to that, their customer service helped us integrate the tool, and take our feedback as the product evolves. Simple, fast, efficient, time saving as we like it.”

Romain Lenglet
SEO Manager, Agicap

Start exporting in three easy steps

Getting started with Cloudpress and exporting your first document takes three easy steps

Sign up

Sign up for a free Cloudpress account. You just need a username and password and takes less than a minute.

Read the documentation

Connect your accounts

Connect your Content Management System account and, if you want to export from Notion, your Notion account as well.

Read the documentation

Export content

Start exporting your content and see you Cloudpress speeds up the process. We give you five free exports to try it out.

Read the documentation

Works with your CMS

Cloudpress supports exporting content to a wide range of Content Management Systems and publishing platforms.

Don't see yours on the list? Let us know and we can look into adding support for it.

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You'd rather write content, run your business, or do other creative work. Instead, you have to spend time struggling with getting your content from Google Docs and Notion into your CMS, wasting time correcting formatting, reuploading images, and doing other menial tasks to get your content published.

It shouldn't be this complicated, right?

We hear you, and we've got your back. At Cloudpress, we automate exporting your content from Google Docs and Notion. We'll ensure that the content is perfectly formatted in your CMS, and also take care of things like uploading images and setting additional fields like the author, category, and tags.

This frees up your time to do the work that matters. The work that moves your business forward.

Free up your time.
Start using Cloudpress today.

Cloudpress will automate the export of your content and ensure it is formatted perfectly, giving you more time to write content or run your business.