Export content from Notion to Kontent.ai

Automate the export of perfectly formatted content from Notion to Kontent.ai, so you have more time for doing work that matters


Export from Notion to Kontent.ai in three simple steps

You can export perfectly formatted content, including your images, from Notion to Kontent.ai by following these three simple steps:

  • Connect your Notion account and the Kontent.ai account you wish to export to.
  • Write and collaborate on your content in Notion.
  • Export your content with the click of a button, or automate the entire process.

Preserve your formatting

Cloudpress does a great job of preserving your formatting and handles all common formatting styles, such as headings, bold, italic, and underlined text, lists, tables, code blocks, and more…

  • Supports all the common formatting styles
  • Supports tables with headers and text formatting
Convert formatting from Notion to Kontent.ai

Export your images

Cloudpress uploads all the images in your document as assets to Kontent.ai and will link those assets correctly in the exported content.

  • Uploads images as assets in Kontent.ai
  • Preserves your image name for SEO purposes
  • Supports alt text for SEO purposes
Export images from Notion to asstes in Kontent.ai

Works with your content model

Cloudpress works with the content models you create in Kontent.ai.

  • Works with your custom content model
  • Allows you to map content to any rich text field
Works with your content model in Kontent.ai

Bulk export documents

If you have a lot of documents you want to export or update, you can use our bulk export feature in the Cloudpress web application.

  • Export multiple documents at once
  • Specify how each document should be processed
Bulk export documents from Notion to Kontent.ai

Automate exports with Zapier and Make

Using the Cloudpress API and no-code tools like Zapier or Make.com, you can create automated workflows that export your content without you having to lift a finger.

  • Cloudpress REST API allows integration from any programming language
  • Cloudpress actions allow quick integration with Zapier
  • Cloudpress modules allow quick integration with Make.com
Automate exports from Notion to Kontent.ai

Draft or published, your choice

Cloudpress can export your content as drafts or publish the content. In the case of content that is re-exported, Cloudpress can preserve the current publication status of your content.

  • Exports new content as drafts or publish it
  • Preserve the state of existing content or explicitly set it to draft or published
Export your content in Kontent.ai as draft or published

Quickly navigate to exported content

Once your export has been completed, you can easily navigate to the exported content in Kontent.ai to review and publish the content.

  • Navigate directly to the exported content in Kontent.ai
  • Navigate directly to Cloudpress to review the export logs
Quickly navigate to exported Notion content in Kontent.ai