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Cloudpress out of beta

Cloudpress spent just over 3 months in beta, and lots of valuable user feedback has been integrated into the product. Let’s look at some of the features that were added and changes that were made based on user feedback

Inviting other people to your account

It is now possible to invite other people to your Cloudpress account. This is useful when you have multiple people who must be able to publish content via Cloudpress.

Publish properties for WordPress

When publishing to WordPress, Cloudpress allows you to specify extra post properties, such as the categories, tags, author, etc. This saves time because you do not have to visit your WordPress admin area to update those details after publishing from Cloudpress.

Support for Gutenberg

Speaking of WordPress, Cloudpress now supports the new Gutenberg editor that was released with WordPress 5. This means that when publishing to WordPress 5, Cloudpress can publish your content as Gutenberg blocks, instead of one big “classic” block.

Detecting updates to source documents

Cloudpress will detect when changes are made to your source documents and will highlight such documents in the Cloudpress Dashboard, allowing you to quickly publish the changes to the destination account.

You will now need to pay for a subscription

OK, I admit, this one is self-serving - but not completely. When signing up for Cloudpress, you will be able to publish your first five documents on us. This ensures that you can be happy that Cloudpress works for you.

If you want to continue using Cloudpress, you will need to pay for one of our subscriptions. Having users pay will help us become profitable and ensure the long-term viability of the company - ensuring Cloudpress can keep saving you time for many years to come.

Other changes

Besides the changes mentioned in this blog posts, we also add other smaller features and fixed many issues based on user feedback.

Moving forward

In the coming months, we will continue to work on expanding the capabilities of Cloudpress.

We use Cloudpress internally to publish both our documentation, and our blog, so I realise that, while Cloudpress is a big time saver, there is also a lot of room for improvement. On a daily basis I find myself thinking “wouldn’t it be nice if Cloudpress could do X?”.

Also, know that your feedback is very welcome. If you experience any issues or have a suggestion, please send an email to

Jerrie Pelser
Founder and CEO of Cloudpress. I understand many of the frustrations of creating content in a collaborative environment and strive to make the content publishing workflow for customers as seamless as possible.