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Introducing collection filters


We launched the beta of Cloudpress Collections earlier this year, allowing you to export all the items in a Notion database simultaneously. One of the caveats of this new feature was that it would export all the items from the Notion database.

This was not ideal as the Notion database may often contain items that were a work in progress.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have added the ability to filter out items from a collection, allowing you to export only items ready for production.

Let’s have a look at how this works.

How we use filters for our Cloudpress blog

Let’s look at the following scenario from our Cloudpress blog to demonstrate how filters work.

We use Notion to write our blog posts, and we use a board view the track the progress of blog posts. Initially, when we have an idea for a blog post, we will add it to the Ideas column. Then, when we plan out our content schedule and assign a publication date for a blog post, we move it to the Up next column.

Once a writer picks up a blog post and starts writing it, it will be moved to the In progress column. Finally, when the blog post is done, and we are ready to export it, it will be moved to the Done column.

Understandably, we would only want to export items in the Done column and not any other items in the database.

To filter out the items from the database to only include items from the Done column, we can open the Collection and go to the filter tab. Next, we add a filter condition by clicking the Add condition button. Then, we select the Status field, the is operator and the value of Done. We can test the filter by clicking on the Preview Filter button. This will select all the items from the Notion database that matches the filter condition and display them in a list so we can verify the filter is correct. Finally, click the Save Changes button once you are happy with the filter. The next time you export the items in this collection, only those that meet the filter condition will be exported.

Jerrie Pelser
Founder and CEO of Cloudpress. I understand many of the frustrations of creating content in a collaborative environment and strive to make the content publishing workflow for customers as seamless as possible.