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Our new Google Workspace Add-On


As part of our recent relaunch, we have also launched a new Google Workspace Add-On, allowing you to export functionality from inside Google Docs. You can install the add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace, which you can access by clicking the (+) icon in the side panel in Google Docs.

Installing the Add-On

Search for Cloudpress and click on the listing for Cloudpress in the Marketplace.

On the listing page, click the Install button and allow Cloudpress access to your account when prompted.

Once Cloudpress is installed, it will be available in the side panel.

Configuring Cloudpress

To allow the Cloudpress Add-On access to your Cloudpress account, your will need to configure it with your Cloudpress personal access token. Log in to your Cloudpress account and go to your user profile by selecting the User Profile option from the dropdown menu in the top right corner of your Cloudpress dashboard.

Go to the Personal Access Token tab and copy your personal access token to the clipboard.

Head back to Google Docs and click on the Cloudpress icon in the sidebar. The first time you use the add-on, it will prompt you to update your settings. Click on the Update Settings button.

Copy your personal access token into the supplied field, and click the Save button**.**

Using the Add-On

The Cloudpress Add-On displays a list of your connections, allowing you easy access to export to any of those connected accounts. The add-on will display any connections you have previously exported the current document at the top with the remaining connections listed below.

Click on the Export button next to a specific connection to export the current document to that connection. The add-on displays the status of the export. The View log link takes you to the Cloudpress Dashboard, where you can view the export log.

You can click on the Refresh button to monitor the status of the export. Once the export is complete, you will have various actions available from within the add-on to quickly navigate to the exported document in your CMS.

In the screenshot below, Cloudpress exported the document to a WordPress account. As you can see, the are options available to either edit the post in WordPress or view the published post on the WordPress website.


The blog post gave you a brief overview of the new Google Workspace Add-On for Cloudpress. It allows you to export your content to your CMS without ever leaving Google Docs. We hope to extend this add-on in the coming months to Google Drive, allowing you to export multiple documents from your Google Drive account.

You can refer to our Google Workspace Add-on documentation for more information.

Jerrie Pelser
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