Features that willsave you time

Seamless Integration with Google Docs

Cloudpress seamlessly integrates with Google Docs, allowing you to complete the exporting of your content without ever leaving Docs.

  • One-click exporting

    Click a button, wait a few seconds, and your content is exported successfully to your Content Management System (CMS).

  • Quick navigation

    Once the export is complete, easily navigate to your CMS to view or edit the exported content and add finishing touches.

  • Re-export content

    Made changes and want to export again? No problem. Cloudpress will update the previously exported content in your CMS.

  • Automation

    With our API and Make integration, you can automate the exporting of your content without any human intervention.

Beautiful exports

Our goal is to never require you to have to edit content in your CMS after it has been exported.

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Preserves formatting

Cloudpress preserves the formatting of your content whether it be headings, bold or italic text, lists, or tables.

Exports images

Images are exported to your CMS without fuss and Cloudpress will ensure that they are embedded correctly in the exported content.

Extra magic

Cloudpress even has a few magic tricks up its sleeve such as handing code blocks and oEmbeds.


We take the privacy of your content seriously. Cloudpress only has access to the documents you explicitly give it access to.

Cloudpress does not require access to your entire Google Drive and does not keep any of the exported documents on our servers beyond the time it takes to complete the export.

Works with your CMS

Cloudpress supports exporting content to a wide range of Content Management Systems and publishing platforms.

Don't see yours on the list? Let us know and we can look into adding support for it.

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