Use cases

Cloudpress for Content Managers

Learn how using Cloudpress in combination with Google Docs can help content managers stay on top of things

  • Collaboration built-in

    With Google Docs’ collaboration features, you can leave feedback for your writers or suggest changes to content.

  • Keep content in-house

    Keep content in-house on your company’s Team Drive and share with collaborators as needed.

  • Keep revision history

    Revision History allows you to keep a full history of changes. Easily roll back to an old version if necessary.

  • Check SEO

    Easily check SEO for your document using any of the SEO add-ons available in the Google Apps Store.

  • Export with one click

    Export to your blog or website with the click of a button. Cloudpress will preserve your document’s formatting and upload your images as well.

  • Keep up to date on document changes

    Cloudpress notifies you of changes made to documents and allows you to publish those changes with the click of a button.

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Cloudpress will automate the export of your content and ensure it is formatted perfectly, giving you more time to write content or run your business.