Use Cases

Cloudpress for Content Writers

Learn how using Cloudpress in combination with Google Docs can help content writers

  • Superior writing experience

    Google Docs offer a writing experience that is light-years ahead of anything being offered by the most blogging software.

  • Working with photos is easy-peasy

    Take photos on your phone, upload to Google Photos and insert them into your document with the built-in Google Photos picker.

  • Write on the go

    Write your blog post on the go using the Google Docs application for iOS and Android. If you’re using a computer, the offline editing extension allows you to work when offline.

  • Research at your fingertips

    The Google Docs Explore Tool allows you to quickly find images or external sources related to keywords without ever having to leave your document.

  • Spelling and grammar in the box

    Google Docs has a built-in spelling and grammar checker that will highlight any spelling or grammatical error as you are typing.

  • Rich add-on ecosystem

    Give your Google Docs superpowers by installing add-ons that will extend the standard capabilities of Google Docs. The possibilities are endless.

  • Export to your blog with one click

    Export to your blog with the click of a button. Cloudpress will preserve your document’s formatting and upload your images as well.

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